Trinity Today Autumn 2020 – Reset, Restructure and Repair: COVID-19 and the Environment

Published by SHARECITY on the 19th October 2020.


In early 2020, as country after country sought to contain the novel coronavirus – COVID-19 – by issuing stay-at-home notices and community lockdowns, incredible images of nature reclaiming human spaces began to emerge from pumas in Santiago to street battles between monkey troops in Thailand. Some of these images reflected conflict within existing urban wildlife communities as their main source of food, the off-cuts of human consumption, dried up under COVID-19. A few, such as the now infamous image of dolphins in Venice, turned out to be fake, but many were extremely effective in showing the extent to which non-human nature would roam if we stayed at home. Could this moment of crisis be the stimulus needed to turn the corner in climate action and create a safe and sustainable planet for all?

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