Alwynne McGeever

Dr Alwynne McGeever’s research background is in botany, focusing on how plants respond to environmental pressures.  She was awarded a PhD from Trinity College Dublin in 2016. Her doctorate studied the impact of human activity and climate change on pine and elm trees since the end of the last ice age in Europe. She also partook in an interdisciplinary team project, as a post doctoral researcher, assessing the potential for negative emission technologies to reduce Ireland’s net emissions, during which she assessed the life cycle emissions of bioenergy crop systems.

Alwynne has also volunteered and worked in the Irish community sector for 5 years, working for the past 2 years as engagement and development officer for an NGO. In this national role she worked in rural and urban contexts, supporting women leaders of social change and building an online community for support and resource sharing among community leaders and volunteers in Ireland and Europe.

During this work she worked closely with volunteers to research barriers to women leaders of social change and support community groups in strategic planning to deliver effective positive change in their context. Alwynne is passionate about community development and communicating research findings so that it is accessible and helpful to individuals and groups trying to create a better, more sustainable future for all.

Alwynne works as a Post-Doctoral Researcher for SHARECITY and looks after our SHARE IT Tool Kit. She is overseeing the continued development of this Sustainability Assessment Tool and working with local food sharing initiatives to implement this.

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