Day 2 – Impacts and Sustainability

The #SHARECITY2020 Virtual Conference took place online in September 2020.


We want to thank all of those who were involved, from the SHARECITY Team, to our presenters, and of course our attendees!


All presentations from Day 2 of the conference can be viewed below.


Day 2 – Voices from Food Sharing Practitioners

Facilitated by Dr Alwynne McGeever


Kemi Akinola is the founder and CEO of Be Enriched. She is passionate about working with the community, in the community and develops real solutions to real issues.


Iseult Ward is co-founder and CEO of FoodCloud, an award-winning non-profit social enterprise. Launched in 2013 with co-founder Aoibheann O’Brien, FoodCloud offers two solutions to redistribute surplus food to its network of community groups and charity partners across Ireland.


Jonathan Kuhlburger is a garden activist, and has been working for 4 years at the community garden Himmelbeet in Berlin, Germany. He is in charge of the coordination of the garden team, the implementation of environmental education and networking with the neighbourhood.


Stephen Hayden is a resident of Ballymun, a suburb on the north-side of Dublin. He is a chairperson of the Muck and Magic Community Garden. He is also the chairperson and a founding member of the City Farm Ballymun Project.

SHARE IT – Sustainability Impact Assessment


SHARE IT is a free toolkit developed in 2019 and 2020 to help food sharing initiatives estimate, communicate, and improve their sustainability impacts. SHARE IT works to communicate these impacts by generating a tailored sustainability impact report for food sharing initiatives. Here SHARECITY Post-Doctoral Researchers, Dr Stephen MacKenzie and Dr Alwynne McGeever, describe how SHARE IT was developed, how you can use it, and what’s next for this tool kit.


Dr Stephen MacKenzie is an interdisciplinary scientist, experienced in conducting research into the environmental impacts caused by livestock systems. Stephen was part of the SHARECITY Team in 2018-2020 investigating the SHARE IT Tool.

Dr Alwynne McGeever’s research background is in botany, focusing on how plants respond to environmental pressures. Alwynne is as a Post-Doctoral Researcher for SHARECITY and looks after our SHARE IT Tool Kit.

Day 2 – Keynote Session

Governance and Food Sharing


Dr Ana Moragues Faus is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Barcelona, Spain, and a visiting Research Fellow at the Sustainable Places Institute at Cardiff University, Wales. Ana’s research interests revolve mainly around sustainable agri-food systems and food security.

Conclusions – Day 2 Wrap Up



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Food Sharing in San Francisco!

Here we have one of our past SHARECITY Research Assistants, Marion Weymes helping out. We want to take this opportunity to thank Marion for all the excellent work she completed at SHARECITY in her time with our team – thanks Marion!

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