Sharing Lab #4 with Dr. David Evans

Published by SHARECITY on the 24th January 2017.

DE San IgnacioAs part of SHARECITY we will hold six Sharing Labs (essentially expert master classes) around some key methodological and conceptual challenges in the project. We were delighted that Dr. David Evans was able to join us and host our fourth Sharing Lab around the topics of Practice Theory, Sustainability, Consumption and Sharing Economy.

David Evans is a Professorial Research Fellow in Human Geography at the University of Sheffield and Honorary Senior Fellow of the Sustainable Consumption Institute at the University of Manchester. His research focuses on the geographies of consumption and material culture, responsibility and sustainability, and food.  He is currently working on two projects funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council.  One of these explores the enactment of ‘freshness’ in food systems, the other addresses domestic practices and their link to the food-energy-water nexus.

The Sharing Lab discussion focused on the definition of consumption and different modes of provision; the role of ownership, attachment and disposal in gifts and commodities; and on the sustainability of sharing and emerging transitions in sharing. To read more about what we discussed and learned please visit our blog page.




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