Briefing Note #4: SHARE IT Sustainability Impact Assessment Toolkit

Published by SHARECITY on the 22nd March 2021.

Briefing Note 4: SHARE IT Sustainability Impact Assessment Toolkit

This briefing note provides a high level summary of SHARE IT, an innovative output from the SHARECITY research project, that delivers multidimensional sustainability impact assessment products and services to help initiatives, local authorities and food retailers identify the impacts of collaborative acts around food (food sharing for brevity) that they support.

SHARECITY has already shown that food sharing practices have significant sustainability potential, but we have found that food sharing initiatives struggle to identify, demonstrate and communicate the impact of their work. The reasons for this are multifaceted.  It is sometimes due to a lack of reporting capacity internally, sometimes it is the high cost of purchasing external consultancy, but it is also because mainstream impact assessment tools have not been designed with food sharing initiatives in mind. We designed the SHARE IT toolkit and supporting services to respond directly to these barriers.

This briefing note:

  • Outlines the need for SHARE IT
  • Explains the functionality of the SHARE IT tool
  • Illustrates outputs of engagement with the tool to date
  • Outlines opportunities for engagement with the SHARE IT tool

Please Cite as: McGeever, A.H.  and Davies, A.R. (2021) SHARECITY Briefing Note 4: SHARE IT, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

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