Published by SHARECITY on the 28th March 2019.

SHARECITY Bites is a compilation of blogs written by SHARECITY team members between 2016 and 2019. SHARECITY Bites has three parts, Part I outlines the structure and focus of the research phases, documenting our collaborations along the way. Part II provides insights from our in-depth ethnographic fieldwork across nine cities around the world and Part III provides reflections from the research team on key themes that have emerged in our research.

We would like to thank all contributing authors for their hard work both as researchers in the field and also for their commitment to science-communication beyond academic circles illustrated by the contributions in this document. We would also like to thank the food sharing initiatives, urban food activists, and academics who have inspired us along our SHARECITY journey.

We hope you enjoy these nuggets of food sharing!

This publication was authored by Anna Davies and Vivien Franck of the SHARECITY research team. All or part of this publication may be reproduced without further permission provided it is acknowledged.

Please cite as: Davies, A.R. and Franck, V. (2019) SHARECITY Bites, Department of Geography, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

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