Take a Virtual Tour of SCARE CITY!

Published by SHARECITY on the 29th October 2020.

Take a Virtual Tour of SCARE CITY!


Take a virtual tour this Halloween, with our vampire visitor guide, and meet some of our residents, keen to tell you about their scary lifestyle!


We hope you enjoyed this trick from the SHARECITY team, now here’s the treat: we are working hard on assessing possible futures for food sharing in cities, in the hopes of equipping citizens, food sharers, funders and policy makers with the information they need to create a less scary future! Dr. Louise Fitzgerald recently presented her research plans using the 3 Horizon framework for futuring at the SHARECITY2020 Virtual Conference. Here’s what she has to say about how we view the future:

We talked to some of the food sharers leading the charge against a SCARECITY scenario at our recent SHARECITY 2020 event. FoodCloud, Be Enriched, Muck and Magic and Himmelbeet shared about what they need to secure their future of eating, growing and re-distributing excess food within their communities. Iseult Ward from FoodCloud calls for an expansion of food sharing in cities and working together to create a more resilient food system. Kemi Akinola from Be-Enriched envisions a safer future with more accessible, affordable, healthy and culturally appropriate food. Stephen Hayden from Muck and Magic Community Garden calls for urban planners and developers to appreciate how essential green infrastructure is for a safer future. Johnatan Kuhlburger, with Himmelbeet Community Garden, craves more stability and security for their work, with increased political support.


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