Brigida Marovelli

Brigida Marovelli has been awarded her PhD in Social Anthropology at Brunel University, West London, UK, with a thesis exploring the dynamic relationship between place, history and landscape in an urban food market, Catania, Sicily. Addressing these notions her work engages in a complex discussion about the market as social system, in which the cultural and the economic are intertwined. Her research interests include Food Studies, Environmental Anthropology, Urban Studies, Cultural and Gender Studies; Social Policy in Practice, Economic Anthropology, Anthropology of Europe.

Beside being a highly qualified researcher, she is also a passionate food activist. She in fact co-founded the Dinner Exchange, a social enterprise, aiming to generate debate around food sustainability and food waste. Brigida has organised campaigning events against food waste and food poverty, collaborating with international charities, institutions, gleaning networks and many people involved in alternative food networks across Europe.

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