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This research is funded by SFI’s ENABLE Spoke, as part of their activities on citizen engagement. ENABLE Research funding has supported the application of SHARECITY’s international findings across 100 cities to be applied at a district level. Specifically, this involved applying the SHARECITY100 mapping method and the SHARE IT sustainability impact assessment toolkit to food sharing in two Smart Dublin districts: Smart D8 and Smart Balbriggan.

Sustainability of food sharing in Dublin 8

Smart D8 aims ‘to improve the health and wellbeing of citizens in Dublin 8 through collaboration and innovation’, which can be progressed by food sharing. There are many established and emerging Food Sharing Initiatives (FSIs) in the Dublin 8 area, but there is currently no single directory for identifying them, meaning their visibility can be low, even within the locality. Equally, few FSIs currently collect or analyse data on their impacts creating a knowledge gap for the organisations in terms of identifying and understanding their impacts and communicating these to funders, supporters and regulators.

As part of the SFI ENABLE Spoke’s activities on citizen engagement and in partnership with Smart Dublin 8, we mapped and categorised all food sharing activities in the district and measured the sustainability impacts of six illustrative case studies. The findings of this research are presented in this report to provide evidence to Smart D8 and Dublin City Council (DCC) to inform strategic planning to improve the health and wellbeing of citizens in the district.

8 points on food sharing in D8

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Food Sharing Initiatives in D8

Upcoming Event: May Fair

We will be at an information stall about ‘Neighbourhood Food Redistribution’ at the upcoming May Fair at Richmond Barracks. Join us between 2-5pm on Sunday, May 29th to learn more about our work in Dublin 8!

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Sustainability of food sharing in Balbriggan

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Sustainability of food sharing in Balbriggan report coming soon

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