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Agroecological and other innovative approaches. A report by The High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition, July 2019

Connecting Global Food Sharing Initiatives

Can food sharing initiatives reduce food waste?


[Video] Professor Anna Davies – Irish Research Council Researcher of the Year Award 2018

Professor Anna Davies wins Irish Research Council ‘Researcher of the Year’

2018’s Irish Research Council Researcher of the Year has been revealed

What If You Shared Food With Others?

Food-Sharing is Caring


Changing the way we get our food is key to global warming fight

Sharing food and building community through ICT

How can we cut down on food waste?

Reuse it or lose it: turning Ireland into a no-waste economy

Sharing Smartly: Food Sharing Economies in Singapore

Food sharing puts sustainability on the menu

[German] Zurich can compete internationally when sharing food

The REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest

The taste tests: Can science help us eat better? What if you shared your food with others?

Share that lettuce! Projects to avoid food waste go global

[German] So einfach haben es Zürcher im Kampf gegen Food Waste

How can we cut down on food waste?

Food Sharing in Cities

Sustainable food practices in Barcelona and Melbourne

A Sharing about Food Sharing


[Video] SHARECITY: global innovation for sustainable urban food systems

Eat It, Don’t Leave It: How London Became A Leader In Anti-Food Waste

SHARECITY’s Top 10 Food Sharing Projects from Around the World

SHARECITY100: Exploring Food Sharing in 100 Cities

SHARECITY launches world’s first global database on ICT-enabled food-sharing

SHARECITY team launches first global database on ICT-enabled food-sharing

[Radio] A Pop Up Research Festival Takes Place At Trinity

How is Technology Changing the Way We Share Food? The SHARECITY Research Team to Find Out

New online report launched on ERC-funded food research

SHARECITY is exploring the practice and sustainability potential of ICT-mediated urban food sharing

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