We’re hiring!

Published by SHARECITY on the 12th August 2022.

We’re hiring!

CULTIVATE is a four-year Horizon Europe project led by Prof. Anna Davies based in Trinity College Dublin. This has 19 partners from across 10 European cities, including food sharing initiatives, local authorities, international networks, creative enterprises and academic institutions

Position 1:

Mapping Food Sharing in Europe

This exciting position will map, track and monitor food sharing initiatives across Europe. A key research deliverable will be extending the SHARECITY100 Database, with supporting outputs including developing

  • A multilingual European Dictionary of Food Sharing
  • Identifying100 suitable urban and peri-urban locations in EU member state or associated countries for mapping food sharing activities
  • Working with computer scientists, help develop, test and validate automated functionality to create the SHARECITY200 Database.

Position 2:

Assessing the sustainability impacts of Food Sharing

This innovative position will involve rolling out the SHARE IT web app, and its associated consultancy services, across 10 European cities among food sharing initiatives, local governments and food retailers. Specific research outputs will include:

  • Finalising ongoing technical upgrades and roll out consultancy services for ‘SHARE IT SOLUTIONS’
  • Use SHARE IT to identify, assess and optimise the social, economic, and environmental impacts of food sharing initiatives across Europe
  • Work with colleagues from CULTIVATE to bring SIS into the Food Sharing Calculator which identifies costs and benefits of food sharing initiatives.

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