Food Sharing Futures

Food Sharing Futures

Drawing inspiration from the three horizons approach to futuring, we have developed three alternative scenarios for the future of urban food sharing in 2050 using data from five years of in-depth international research, as well as findings from the multistakeholder 2019 SHARING FUTURES workshop.

In collaboration with RIVA Illustrations and illustrator Fiammetta Ghedini, we created visualisations of these three different future scenarios for urban food sharing: Desirable, Business As Usual and Technical Fix.

  • The Desirable scenario presents a situation where there are both supports for, and activities emerging from, food sharing initiatives, creating positive sustainability impact across social, economic and environmental arenas.
  • The Business As Usual scenario extends current trends for urban food sharing, which means that food sharing is present, but marginalised in a predominantly commercial food system focused on commodification.
  • The Technical Fix scenario illustrates what urban food landscapes might look like if technological approaches to urban food are embedded in urban food systems, prioritising a win-win for the economy and the environment.

Each scenario image* can be seen below:


SHARECITY’s Food Sharing Futures work provides a novel means to create dialogue and foster engagement on urban food sharing sustainability issues with a particular focus on the regulatory and policy regimes which will be a powerful shaping force on those issues in the future. We are engaging with policy makers to evaluate whether our visualisations of future scenarios help support different kinds of debate around creating a supportive environment for sustainable urban food sharing. We are also using our visualisations to engage young people in discussions about sustainable urban food sharing futures. You can read about our initial youth engagement here.


*These images may not be reproduced, transmitted or copied without prior written permission. For permission, please contact SHARECITY PI Anna Davies

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