Oona Morrow

Oona Morrow is a feminist geographer whose research is broadly concerned with the economic politics of everyday life, a theme she engages through research on urban food economies, household sustainability, self-provisioning, social reproduction, food security, and poverty. She has a PhD in geography from Clark University. Her dissertation research on urban homesteading in Boston examines the social, economic, and nature-society relations that develop around self-provisioning practices, such as do-it-yourself, urban agriculture, and cottage food production. Through this research she explores the intersections of gender, diverse economies, the commons, and urban food policies.

She is a founding member of the League of Urban Canners, a food sharing enterprise that harvests and preserves backyard fruit in greater Boston. She is also a member of the Community Economies Collective, an international collaborative of researchers who share an interest in theorizing, discussing, representing and enacting new visions of economy.


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