Introducing Our SHARECity Profiles

Published by SHARECITY on the 14th February 2017.

Introducing Our SHARECity Profiles

Introducing our SHARECity Profiles

Since completing the SHARECITY100 Database, which has recently been shortlisted in the REFRESH Food Waste Solutions Contest, the SHARECITY team have been working hard to identify cities from the database to explore ICT-mediated food sharing initiatives.

Our goal was to find active food-sharing cities where a wide range of different ICT-mediated initiatives were already operating in contrasting geographical, socio-cultural, economic and political contexts. Following extensive consideration of the database and existing data from official sources on a range of criteria – including population, and population density, GDP, unemployment rates, internet penetration, food security and green spaces – we are delighted to announce our initial nine cities and launch their city profiles on our website.

The SHARECITY cities are Dublin, London, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, New York City, Singapore, San Francisco and Melbourne and you can access their profiles directly by clicking on the picture links below.

A member of the SHARECITY team will be researching in each of these cities, engaging with food sharers and those who shape food sharing in cities, in order to explore fundamental questions about the motivations for sharing, the challenges and opportunities for food sharing initiatives and the impacts that such food sharing generates. We’ll keep you posted about our activities in the field through blog posts, tweets, presentations and publications but do contact me Anna Davies on if you would like to know more!

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